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"I would place Nicole in the top 10% of undergraduates with whom I have worked closely during my fifteen years of university level teaching.  Nicole brings a strong interest in and concern for the students.  She is an accomplished violinist..Nicole is one student who I expect will emerge as a leader for our profession given her comittment to students and music teaching as well as strong organizational skills." Dr. Berg, -University of Colorado at Boulder  2013

I"I am so impressed with the way Ms. Nicole teaches violin.  She is thorough, precise and does not water the lesson down for her students.  And yet. she is understanding, sincere and encouraging: A perfect combination to be found in a teacher and mentor.  Because of Ms. Nicole, my daughter Zoe has become a confident and happy violin player.   Zoe has developed a natural love for the instrument.  There is no day she doesn't play her violin and she even brings it with her on trips.  Sometimes, we even have to stop her from playing so that she can eat her meals." - Nicky S. Sterling, VA.  2018

"Nicole is a wonderful violin teacher for our daughter.  We've had experience with multiple teachers and she is by far the most outstanding!  Our daughter loves going to her lessons and has learned a lot from Nicole!" - Dr. Sandy C. - Ashburn, VA. 2017


"Ms. Nicole is a very good violin teacher.  She teaches me beautiful songs.  She helps me to keep good posture.  I like the lessons."  Dean - (Age 6) Sterling, VA. 2017


"Ms. Nicole watches my pinky on my bow to make sure I hold it right.  She watches my kness so I have good posture.  She also teaches me not to slide my bow.  She helps me tune my violin.  I like her because she is a good teacher and teaches me good songs." - Adrianna -(Age 7) Sterling, VA. 2017 


"Nicole taught my daughter, Lauren for several years before leaving Colorado for Virginia.   Nicole’s warm and nurturing style motivated her to practice weekly and do her best.  She always adapted Lauren's lessons to match her level of playing and musical interests.  Nicole also kept her lessons fun and exciting, frequently including new ideas that she learned from her continuing education classes.  Lauren always looked forward to her weekly sessions with Nicole and learned so much from her during their time together.  We could not have asked for a better instructor and miss her terribly!"  Diane B.-Longmont, CO. 2013



"I like Ms. Nicole because she helps me keep my posture.  If my violin is too far to the side she puts it back in position.  If my feet are out of the V position she says, "V feet." If Mrs. Nicole wasn't there I wouldn't be playing the violin."  Aiden (age 8) - Sterling, VA 2017


"We are very happy to have our three children learn violin with Nicole Fainsan.  She has a professional yet fun manner.  We especially appreciate her attention to detail with posture, bow hand position, and proper playing technique.  We have benefited from her expert teaching for almost one year and our children just keep sounding better."  Donna E. - Sterling, VA.  2017


"I decided to learn to play violin as an adult (30s) and found Nicole to be the perfect teacher to learn this new skills. She was able to accommodate our lessons despite my busy work schedule. She always found interesting facts or videos about violin to encourage her students. As a french speaker, I can also testify that Nicole is fluent in French and will work with you in a language that suits you best." Sylvie K.- Falls Church, VA. 2014



"Nicole taught my 4th grade daughter Sarah the violin and the experience could not have been better… Nicole was sweet and full of energy, which made the lessons productive and fun.  Sarah was motivated to practice and excited to work with Nicole every week. The pieces she chose for her to work on were fun and lively and also taught her important violin fundamentals.  Nicole even made scales enjoyable!  It was a great experience all around -- we miss her!!" Sheri D.-Boulder, CO. 2013

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