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Caregiver and Birth to 4 years old Music: 
Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class

This is more than a music class. It's a place where children learn from one another and where we believe that every child can learn.  We create a pressure free encouraging environment where children from birth to 4 years old can gain skills, a sense of purpose in life, an understanding of discipline and an appreciation of beauty.  Ability develops early and we nurture early success which breeds even more success.  We promote connection between the caregiver and their child and build relationships.  Together we are more than a music class. 

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is a once weekly 60-minute class designed for babies from birth to age four and one caregiver .  All classes are mixed age and use a constant curriculum over the four years to ensure thorough mastery.  Classes facilitate all ages and developmental stages and provide a rich musical environment for your child to experience success in a nurturing and supportive environment.  This multi year class gently develops motor, pitch, singing, listening and socio-emotional skills such as taking turns and sharing. Two teachers lead families in songs  and instrumental playing that encourage children in a calm and focused manner. Children sing, walk or dance with scarves or shakers; use mallets with a variety of instruments; and enact song lyrics.  You will cherish class time bonding  with your child and celebrating their growth.


Research from the Journal of Development and Science found that infants who participated in SECE showed a larger brain response to musical tones, earlier communication skills, and were easier to soothe compared to traditional music classes. If you are thinking of starting your child on an instrument, SECE classes will provide a strong musical foundation that will transition beautifully into a Suzuki or traditional private violin lessons or any instrumental lessons when they are older.

Expecting parents and their partners are welcome to attend for free as visitors.


Winter Class Schedule:

Beginning January 11, 2024 Thursdays at 10am-11am for 10 weeks with rolling admissions

Tuition will be prorated for families joining mid-semester. (week 11 for makeups)

Location:  Ridgetop Coffee and Tea 21631 Ridgetop Cir, Sterling, VA 20166



One time drop in ONLY $10- Come try it out!

Early Bird $180.00 ends December 5, 2023.  After December 5, 23 10 weeks $200


Join us!

Please contact us to join our current class or join a waitlist for a future class.

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