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About Me 

My physical therapy and music careers have been intertwining themselves all my life.  I began Sterling Music for All in January of 2014 with aims to fully realize the potential of this novel combination.

In Gaithersburg, MD, I grew up singing, listening to jazz and banging on my father’s drum set. I chose to play the violin in the 4th grade and later was a member of the Maryland All State Orchestra.  I considered studying music after high school but instead chose to study physical therapy.  As an avid runner and fitness lover, it was a good match.  I received my master of physical therapy degree in 2001 from Ithaca College where I remained deeply entrenched in music. I did research regarding vocalists' knowledge of the use of the diaphragm in singing, sang in an a cappella group, held violin recitals and played in the Ithaca College and University of Rochester Symphony Orchestras.  I went on to specialize in pediatric physical therapy.

After some intense soul searching, I realized I would always regret not having studied music.  I received my bachelors in music education with a focus in instrumental strings from the University of Colorado at Boulder in May 2012. While at CU Boulder, I used my PT knowledge to aid my fellow musicians by teaching stretches and nerve glides and taping their back muscles during grueling opera rehearsals. I studied the Alexander Technique, often used by musicians, which teaches a way to get rid of harmful tension in the body  I studied violin under the esteemed Professor Oswald Lehnert and Professor Lina Bahn and performed in the CU Symphony Orchestra.  

Also while at CU, I taught violin to at risk youth in Denver and taught elementary, middle and high school orchestra. Finally, I also maintained a private violin and viola studio in Boulder, CO.

Sterling Music for All has been growing steadily since January of 2014, where I throw all my energy into helping students of all ages and abilities reach their highest potential!  I'm doing work that I am extremely passionate about at SMFA!  When I’m not teaching or playing violin you can find me with my husband and two sons traveling, hiking and working to help the earth through composting, gardening, local eating and recycling.  I am currently training to expand the cannon of music to aim for inclusivity and look forward to adding more fiddle, classical, music by black composers and jazz violin.  Life is good and I can't wait to see what the next years will bring!

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