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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I teach?

I foster development of the whole child or adult from appreciating beauty to developing grit, empathy, curiosity, imagination, expressiveness, mindfulness and flexibility.  We learn to face fears together through acts of mico courage and celebrate success in lessons and during weekly group violin classes.  I strive to provide service recital opportunities where we share music.  We've given many performances at local area retirement communities and farmers markets.  We gave porch recitals to bring joy  and stress relief during the COVID 19 pandemic.  The students are developing lifelong skills that will serve them as musicians and as people.  There is also something inherently special, beautiful and human about learning to express oneself through music.  I believe the world is made better when more people experience this. 

What is the Suzuki Violin Method?  Suzuki said beautiful heart equals beautiful tone.  I have found the suzuki method to be an ideal method for teaching very young children, those with dyslexia and special needs.  It is part of my training that serves me in traditional teaching as well.

My child has special needs?   Can they learn to play the violin?

A child with special needs such as a sensory integration dysfunction, autism or weakness of their postural muscles often gets left behind in group music class, even when he or she is quite adept at music.  It's hard to learn in a group setting when you have trouble sitting upright in your chair or difficulty focusing.  I can make the needed adaptations so that you or your child can focus in on the music.  For example, a child with weak postural muscles may benefit from sitting on a wedge or theraball and a child with sensory integration dysfunction may benefit from movement breaks.  I'll complete a comprehensive evaluation to ensure we all succeed together.


Where do I get a violin?

Please beware of vioin shaped objects which can be purchased on amazon.  These are instruments that are such poor quality that they do not stay in tune and are almost unplayable.  Please get a violin from a violin shop in person or a vioin shop that sells online.  Please ask me questions and I can properly direct you.




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