How can playing an instrument make me happier?


Learning an instrument can help you to appreciate beauty, improve your nonverbal communication skills, which in turn improves your social skills, and serve as an outlet for emotions.  You also achieve a sense of accomplishment when you commit to and learn a new skill.  Finally, you have something special to share with your loved ones.


How can playing an instrument make me healthier?

I will teach you about using your body efficiently while playing your instrument.  In addition to improving your sound and ease while playing, this can help improve your body movement and posture in other areas of your life.  In turn, you may experience less back pain, tension and have better core strength which decreases your risk for injury.  Playing an instrument is also great for mental health as an escape from stress.


What is the Suzuki Violin Method?

My child doesn't do well in group music classes.  Can he/she take lessons with you?


A child with special needs such as a sensory integration dysfunction, autism or weakness of their postural muscles often gets left behind in group music class, even when he or she is quite adept at music.  It's hard to learn in a group setting when you have trouble sitting upright in your chair or difficulty focusing.  I can make the needed adaptations so that you or your child can focus in on the music.  For example, a child with weak postural muscles may benefit from sitting on a wedge or theraball and a child with sensory integration dysfunction may benefit from movement breaks.  I'll complete a comprehensive evaluation to ensure we all succeed together.


What languages do you speak in addition to English?

I am a fluent French speaker and a near fluent Spanish speaker.  French was my first language, as my father is French.  I learned Spanish while living and volunteering in Costa Rica.




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